Saturday, April 1, 2017

UK Tourist Visa: All you need to Know!

Hello folks!

If you live in UK and want to invite your parents for a visit, but it's their first time abroad and you're nervous how is it all going to happen, you're in the right place! A friend’s mother was rejected UK visa a couple of months ago and I was terrified of my parents meeting the same fate. I was extra cautious and compiled all the information needed to get a visa to UK successfully; I had already booked non-refundable round tickets, so failing was not an option!

I filled both my parent’s application forms (from 2 different email ids) here, It’s quite a detailed form, take your time and fill every detail carefully, esp. the financing section. No tips just use commonsense.

I wrote a very personal invitation letter, mentioning what I do, my NI number, why do I want my parents to visit me, where I live and my contact details just in case there is anything else needed. (Please write to me if you want a sample for the invitation letter.)

Also I wrote a covering letter from my parents side explaining why they want to visit me, what are their plans during their stay and why am I sponsoring them. My parents don’t have easy access to mail and computers, so I did all the computer work from here.

I didn’t send any original document from my side; I took online bank statements and sent photos of my electricity bill, work proof (company’s registration number in my case), visa and passport. They took a printout of all the documents there.

Documents you need to send your parents.

1. Invitation letter  
2. Passport copy
3. Visa copy
4. 6 months bank statement (if you’re sponsoring)
5. Address proof - Electricity Bill, Utility Bill or Council Tax Bill.
6. Work proof (yours)

Documents your parents need to gather

1. Covering letter (make it personal)
2. Application form (filled online and printed), you can also fill it from here and mail it to your parents.
3. Passport - Original and Photocopy 
4. Bank statements with bank seal - 6 months - Original and Photocopy, even if you’re sponsoring their bank statement will make the case stronger.
5. Work proof or Pension Passbook - Original and Photocopy 
6. Pay slips if not retired – Original and Photocopy
7. House proof (papers of property - Original and Photocopy
8. Proof to show ties back home; letter from sibling in India or property papers should suffice.
9. Income tax papers (3 years) - Original and Photocopy 
10. Photos according to the UK visa guidelines. Although my parents told me they didn’t need the photos as they click in the visa office with their camera.
11. Return ticket copies, although according to the guidelines it’s not necessary to book tickets in advance, I feel it makes the case stronger.

Maybe I was a nervous wreck but my parents got their visa in 10 working days! It’s going to be a beautiful summer!

Good luck!


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